Observation & Safety Solutions

Safety and Observation

Running a business is an inherently risky proposition. Why? For starters, many critical factors are simply out of one’s direct control. An unsafe and unmonitored work environment can lead to serious consequences for your business and your staff. Establishing a solid, functional safety observation program is essential for protecting what is important.  That is why security and safety observation monitoring have become a necessity in today’s business world. Companies all over the Texas and Louisiana areas are installing safety and observation equipment in attempts to mitigate business liability.


At Facility Asset Services (FAS), we provide safety and observation systems to our clients such as:

Workplace Theft Deterrents

Theft in the workplace is more common and damaging than you might realize.  We aren’t talking about stolen lunches from the break room refrigerator.  Cash, computers, and even identities can be snatched from right under your nose and the results can be devastating. Employee theft costs American businesses billions of dollars each year, according to Lawyers.com. In a recent poll they conducted, a whopping 58 percent of respondents admitted to stealing from their employer.  Installing cameras is not only reactive in helping identify employees who are engaged in workplace theft but they also proactively deter workers from stealing in the first place.

Illegal Activity Identifiers

Violations of the law in a workplace can occur in multiple ways. Employees engaging in illegal activities at work – such as violating labor laws or dealing with third-party companies engaged in illegal activities pose a variety of liability hazards to employers and workers. identifying, catching and acknowledging any problems before it starts is the key to preventing any risk to employees or assets.

Video Services

Video services in the workplace protect both the company and its employees. While research has shown that video surveillance methods work as a means of preventing crime, it also helps safeguard the company when it comes to issues such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, accidental falls, etc. It’s an investment, but the importance of video camera surveillance in the workplace can often pay for itself in just one occurrence.

Monitoring and Review

Technology has made monitoring employees easier than ever now that almost every mode of communication is digital. Workplace video setups enable owners and management to view the office environment on demand from their cell phones or computer, virtually anywhere in the world. Not all camera installations are meant to “catch” employees in the act of doing something wrong. Cameras also help employers monitor the work habits of employees. These cameras also give managers a valuable tool to ensure assets are safe and employees engaged, even when they are unable to be in the office themselves.

Business 24/7 Surveillance

Take comfort knowing that even when you aren’t at the business location, it is being protected when you are away. Our camera surveillance programs run 24 hours a day, providing important visual recordings of activities even after normal business hours.

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