Office Furniture Liquidation in Texas and Louisiana

For companies planning to relocate, reorganize or upgrade their existing office furniture, Facility Asset Services (FAS) is a leader in the field of office furniture liquidation. We work directly with partners to find the best outcome for your bottom line. Our FAS team is trained and experienced in all aspects of a corporate liquidation.  They work directly with your facility managers in the purchase, decommission, removal and valuation of all types and brands of excess office furniture.

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The valuation of existing furniture is determined by many factors including but not limited to the following:

  • How many pieces (sets and separates) are to be liquidated.
  • The age of the product(s) to be considered.
  • The original equipment manufacturer of the product.
  • The style – traditional, modern, contemporary, etc.
  • What type of office furniture it is – workstation, office cubicle, etc.
  • The overall condition of the pieces.

Based upon the valuation of your furniture, we can work with you in one of three ways:

  • Your existing product has above average value for its class and FAS will compensate you for the product when we remove it.
  • Your product is an average value for its class and FAS will remove the product for you at no charge.
  • Your product has no value relative to its class and FAS will remove your product for a service fee.

Our trained and insured professionals will quickly disassemble and remove all types of office furniture.  We will remove them from your facility with care, making sure to protect your walls and flooring in the process.


FAS is an environmentally friendly company and will make every effort to repurpose existing furniture assets. We avoid sending materials to the landfill by reclaiming as much product as possible, including recycling all scrap metal, paper, plastic, and cardboard.

Furniture Banking

FAS also offers a unique “furniture banking” program that enables companies to earn a credit created from the value of existing surplus furniture. This furniture credit can be used for the purchase of new furniture from FAS. Many companies warehouse large quantities of office furniture that becomes obsolete over time. This process is expensive considering storage and asset management costs. The FAS furniture banking process allows you to turn these unused products into credits that you can use to modernize office environments. Before you throw old and tired products into a dumpster or landfill, give FAS a call to determine if you qualify for a furniture banking account.

From project inception to completion, our experienced and dedicated team at FAS will ensure your office furniture liquidation is completed to meet all of the client’s specifications.  We will work with you to create an outline, develop and execute a plan tailored just for your business needs.  Call us today to get started on your decommissioning project.

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